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2010-06-14 09:51 pm
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If you like The Cab and/or me, you should join [ profile] thecab_fbr if you haven't already. My comm is seriously lacking in participating members.

thanks to [ profile] ahomegirlslife for the lovely banner

RL update coming in the next few days. Just waiting on something to post about lol
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2008-12-18 03:05 pm

As long as he keep bugging me, I'm going to keep bugging you lol

Seriously though, his stuff is gorgeous. And just wait til the clothing gets released *warns Visa*

This is my favourite one so far )

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2008-12-17 05:59 pm

Doing my duty

Tonight at 8pm EST, Marshall Threads is going live! Be the first to preorder some of these gorgeous accessories, as the first shipment it going to be limited and I guarantee you that you're going to want them. None of this tacky shit a la Trace Cyrus or (though you know I love me some Clan gear) Pete Wentz.
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2008-03-25 01:09 am

One of THOSE Nights

So, if any of you were thinking that you'd wanted to get me something for my birthday and didn't know what? Preorder yourself The Cab's album. I wonder how many copies I will end up buying before this thing even drops. I'm at two already lol

Also, listen to the single they just posted on their Myspace. You will thank me. No srsly.