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([personal profile] lakeeffectgirl Sep. 17th, 2017 08:49 pm)
Week 1 on tizanidine: Went from completely knocking me out/making me groggy the next day, to just feeling a bit weird for a few seconds when it kicks in/feeling like normal the next day. Which is good, but I did kind of enjoy being able to go to bed and actually fall asleep without it taking as long as usual. Yesterday I didn't have any back spasms at all, \o/, but today there were a few - not as bad as it's been, at least.


Today I bought a sweater with bees on it. BEES. I also found a t-shirt with CRANES on it on clearance. (Me, shopping: "Are there bugs or birds on it? I love it.") I went looking for a winter coat, but everything is either puffy or has a fur-edged hood and I'm not into either of those things. Maybe this year I'll give my giant wool coat another go - it just feels so fancy to wear as a just-going-to-work coat. Plus it's very heavy.

I've been browsing Girls of a Certain Age at night before bed; it's a fashion blog for women who aren't in their twenties, and I had to laugh at seeing an older entry linking to an article about the movie Soderbergh shot on his iPhone (I think with Claire Foy?). I never did make it to Logan Lucky but looking at IMDb it's still somehow at the theater in Kenosha and there's an afternoon showing on Tuesday, so I guess if I'm going to get there, that's probably my last option. (Younger me: "I no longer live with my parents! I can go to the movies whenever I want!" Current me: "I am an old person who puts their pajamas on at 5pm.")
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([personal profile] lakeeffectgirl Sep. 13th, 2017 08:19 am)
Final GK story from last week, the time-travel bedsharing Nate/Brad: please wait here, your future self will meet you shortly

Saw my neurologist on Monday, and he was his usual entitled white dude self, ugh. I was a grown-up and confessed the last two weeks' back spasms and he said they're probably spinal nerves having drama about being less compressed than they'd been for the last however many years, and he put me on tizanidine (finally, after offering me the option before I had surgery [which I declined], but my hyper reflexia hasn't improved) and then I was grumpy all day about the whole thing. Took one around 7 the first night to see how it would make me feel - tired, mostly, and I went to bed really early. Yesterday morning and this morning I felt like I'd been run over when I woke up. If this is a side effect, I disapprove. But I think my back feels a little better today so far - we'll see how long the better feeling lasts.

Yuletide aaaaah: I did my nominations, and someone on one of the comms was also nominating Northern Exposure so we could get eight separate characters in. I'm not entirely sure I want to offer NX, but I change my mind on that almost daily.

Checking the nominations spreadsheet, looks like other folks got in Atomic Blonde and Baby Driver so far. I feel like Atomic Blonde comes out on DVD too late for it to be something I'd feel okay offering, but I did put it on my "things to maybe write for random treats if there's time" list.

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